Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Good Ole Fashioned Americana

So I recently described strange foods from my youth, and the dominant themes were filled with american staples like processed cheese, 7-11 hot dogs, white pasta/bread, and the like. It was good, goddammit. My inner child still swoons for these things. Especially american cheese.

This wonderful article in the NYT got me thinking even more, and you should read it too. Especially here on the West Coast, where ordering grilled american cheese, doritos, and a Miller Lite might be considered heresy in many places. No shame! This is what makes the US go round, and its what us plebians flock to on those busy weekday nights. Me included. Well, sometimes.

Ok ok, I know, there is an obesity epidemic going around, and American food is largely to blame. All hail to Micheal Pollan, yada yada. I'm not playing it down. But relax, just for today! Please? Everything in moderation. Go and buy some ball park franks with Heinz ketchup, some velveeta nacho cheese, and a coke (or a Miller), and enjoy yourself!
American cheese photo courtesy of the American Cheese Society - yes that actually exists! How can I join?!? Walmart aisle photo courtesy of Americajr.

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