Sunday, September 2, 2012

Top 20 List of Food: From Love to Hate

Back in the saddle! Since everyone just loves lists, I thought I'd make up for not posting for awhile by including my current top 10 loves and hates in food (that's 20 opinions, people! In one blog post! What a bargain!). This list will be updated from time to time as I formulate new thoughts about food with passing trends and new experiences.

Top 10 loves
10.) Buffalo blue cheese: Ok, while it’s sort of boring, unimaginative, and part of generally boring grill menus (see my hates), there is something ethereal about the buffalo blue cheese combo which will continue to hold it high for the rest of time. Chile pepper and tangy blue, you have my heart. Dips, sandwiches, spreads. It’s as American as apple pie. Buffalo blue cheese apple pie? Hmm, that’s an idea. And it’s better than baconating everything, because, well, I have no logical reason. But, buffalo ranch? NO, that is pure blasphemy, and should be outlawed.