Tuesday, May 21, 2013

The srirachas are rolling in

Update as of 5/21/213

Roland came in today! This one is made in China. Another Dragon Sauce. Can't they all just like get together and have an international expo or something and pick different mascots? That would be pretty darn cool. They can call it SrirachaCon!

Color and texture in the bottle are looking pretty similar to Trader Joe's. Waiting on Lee Kum Kee, Flying Goose, and a few others. On that note, if anyone knows how we can obtain Saigon Sisters "T-racha Awesome Sauce" (based out of Chicago), please let us know, we will send you a check.  Oh and look, there already is a Hot Sauce Expo. Need to plan our trip...

Update as of 5/24/2013

HT Traders came in today. Brian Meagher from Hot Sauce Daily lent us a helping hand by sending us the Harris Teeter brand. Harris Teeter stores are only found between Delaware and South Carolina. Thanks Brian! Should be interesting, they used pickled chilis! Brian does some great sriracha comparisons that you can use to occupy your time while we wait for the rest to come in. Brian is an expert at judging all things hot! So be sure to check out his page.

As you can see, we also picked up some Lee Kum Kee. The Whole Foods here in Folsom only carries Lee Kum Kee and Sky Valley for some reason. Judging by the preliminary results from our friend Oz, this should be a good contender. Check out other stuff on his You Tube channel; he also gives great Excel tips! What do I like more than sriracha? Excel, of course! Go Oz!

Update as of 5/25/2013

Ok folks, here is an update on our srirachas to date. I've quickly realized that there are numerous srirachas out there, but I have no clue as to whether they'll be any good. And they will need to be good to take down the rooster. I open this list up to you, kind readers, that you might suggest the best or suggest awesome srirachas that we missed. If you do suggest, please let us know how we can get them in the next week or so. There are many srirachas that we can't find online, or that won't let me buy a single bottle. Looking for bottles that will come in at less than 10 dollars shipped.

Srirach Name Origin Status
Huy Fong US Obtained, duh!
Caravelle Thailand Obtained
"Shark Brand" Mild Thailand Obtained
"Shark Brand" Hot Thailand Shipped
Grand Mountain Thailand Obtained
Trader Joe's US Obtained
"Flying Goose" Europe (as bottled) Shipped
"Crying Tiger" Thailand Shipped
Lee Kum Kee US Obtained
HT Traders US Obtained
Roland China Obtained
Yuzu Pao Japan Shipped
Oxygen Amazon Not really sure Shipped
ABC Thailand Shipped
Sriraja Panich Thailand Shipped
Sky Valley US Obtained
T-racha Awesome Sauce US Might have a lead


  1. Hey Rachel, I'm glad the HT Traders arrived in good shape.
    Really looking forward to your Sriracha round up posts.

  2. The wall of sriracha is really starting to grow.

  3. Hope we'll get to see the "Family Portrait" of the Wall of Sriracha!

  4. We are liking your blog! We were wondering how we might be featured in your blog? Our Sriracha Beef Jerky just launched on Kickstarter yesterday: http://kck.st/15j8Gn3

    1. I LOVE beef jerky, sriracha jerky sounds even better! I'd be happy to do a review/feature post - how might I acquire a bag? You also might want to try Hot Sauce Daily (see links above) - Brian Meagher does professional reviews of hot sauces and hot sauce related products. Best of luck to you!

    2. I bet your jerky is amazing. Good luck with the Kickstarter project.